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Legal Presence in Russia

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Last updated: December 6, 2016


Charter Capital


JSCs in Russia are quite similar to those operating in other countries.

In addition to the Civil Code, JSCs in Russia are governed by specific federal law #208-FZ “On Joint Stock Companies” dated December 26, 1995[13].

There are two possible types of joint-stock companies in Russia:


Public JSC (ПАО)

All JSCs

Please, note that JSC may not be founded by a sole legal entity, which in its turn has a sole participant / shareholder (a private person or a legal entity).

Charter Capital

The charter capital of JSC is comprised of nominal value of shares acquired by shareholders. All shares are paperless. In the course of a company’s establishment all shares shall be distributed among shareholders.

JSC shall place common shares and is allowed to place also the preferred shares of one or several types. The nominal value of the preferred stock shall not exceed 25% of the overall charter capital.

The statutory minimum charter capital of JSC is RUR 100 000 for public JSC (ПАО) and RUR 10 000 for non-public JSC (АО). At least 50% of the charter capital shall be paid within 3 months after the state registration, and it shall be paid in full within one year.

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