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Factosphere: Your Fast-Track Ticket to Decision-Making on the Countries

It becomes an outstanding challenge for businesses to keep up with information flows when assessing the situation and making decisions in the diverse and rapidly changing country environments. We are here to help!

How Factosphere Can Be of Help?

In order to make the right decisions on the country markets the business people shall come to a proper perception on local opportunities and risks obtaining both the “bird’s eye view” and details on the different components of the local business environment.

At the same time, in the course of planning and operations there is always a need in structured reference materials, whether you are looking for the latest GDP and inflation projections in the course of the corporate budget drafting, up-to-date country ratings when considering purchase of the government bonds, or the local budgetary system specifics when arranging contracts with the state.

Factosphere aims to help you in these permanent challenges with the primary focus on backing corporate and institutional decision-making related to operations in the emerging markets, where opportunities and risks are often quite hard to reveal, while the fundamental factors are changing in rapid succession.

We act as both the reference point and the source of insights providing well-structured, conveniently pre-processed and fully up-to-date information on the business environment in specific countries hoping to bring the quality of information support for your decision-making on the country markets to the next level.

At the owners and executives can find summaries allowing to catch up on the present status and key developments in an effective way, while the analysts can access the abundance of structured data to dig into.

Our pilot project is Russia primarily due to the fact that our team has solid experience of implementation of business intelligence, strategic advice, M&A and economic analysis projects in this country in a wide range of sectors for a variety of international clients. Given low transparency of the Russian economy and increasing level of risks, thorough and timely assessment of the local business environment becomes more and more critical.

The social mission of is in making economies more transparent and understandable for the present and potential stakeholders and other interested parties for the benefit of everyone.

What Is So Special About Us?

We aim to cover the most part of issues you can face in assessment of the country’s business environment in one place. We structure our website in a way that allows reaching the topics of your interest on a country market in just a couple of clicks.
With focus on specific country markets, we are able to trace and process nearly every bit of information appearing on selected topics both locally and globally. Many of sources we trace do not emit to the common newswires, and without Factosphere you are not likely to come across multiple valuable data points and opinions (please, note that at this time we process publicly available information only).
Our goal is to reach the present day status for all of the covered topics. As soon as new information appears, we update all articles and datasheets, so you do not need to bother about comparing news against existing materials.
We aim to deliver well-structured information and separate the signal from the noise providing summaries, compiled datasheets, own insights, second opinions and comparisons.
You can trace each piece of information we present using convenient sourcing system, while the numeric information is easily downloadable. We save all the information sources in our database, so that they can be recovered even having disappeared from the public space.

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The content of is being constantly updated and extended. Stay tuned!

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